Poems of Intrepid Spirituality


Will Stevensen

Poems of Intrepid Spirituality

These poems chronicle the spiritual development of the soul passing through its dark night. All spiritual aspirants eventually encounter the darker side of their nature. These poems are a modern version of this age-old process, chronicled elsewhere by the likes of Saint John of the cross, Saint Theresa of Avila, Rumi, and Kabir. As we open to the cosmos, the spiritual light shines in on those dark places lurking deep in our shadows. The light brightens our souls, purifies them, bathes them with its radiance, leaving us naked and vulnerable. The spirit grabs those who have willed their way to God, shaking them up and transforming their world, teaching the lesson of surrender. Approaching unity consciousness the distinctions of the dual world melt into each other as our soul merges with the Spirit.

From the initial shock of descent to the eventual opening of light, love, and compassion, we have a chance to follow a soul on its definitive journey. This is a journey we all take in time. A journey we take with a trajectory beyond time straight into the heart of Eternity.

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